World Mental Health Day 10.10

We Vitruvian Man support World Mental Health Day.

When I first envisioned Vitruvian Man, supporting positive mental health was at the very core of my brand’s identity and thinking.

I had experienced low points myself and watched how my friends were struggling with the pressures of life and career. Their turmoil manifested itself both inside and outside.

After deciding to quit my ‘cubical’ 9-5, I travelled and studied extensively, learning about alternative plant and organic ingredients used in natural beauty regimes & remedies.

We support a positive mental health


My ‘lightbulb’ moment for Vitruvian Man came from my own passion to create a natural skincare range that not only tackled the effects of inner stress, anxiety and pollution using natural ingredients but also to support causes that tackled the negative mental effects from those forces.

On World Mental Health Day, it’s great to share that as I develop my range of products, I will be supporting positive mental health causes that I believe in. As Vitruvian Man grows, we are committed to creating a range of ideas to help my customers experience care and mental health support from my products and brand platform.

It makes me proud and hopeful to believe that many more brands like Vitruvian Man will be doing more to create awareness around the importance of good mental health and access to resources to help that.

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