Why You Should Wash Your Face, Always!

When it comes to our daily grooming routine, washing the face is perhaps the most obvious but also often neglected part of starting your day. Let Vitruvian Man give you expert advice on why it is important to wash your face.


Here are the four main reasons for washing your face:


  1. To clean off dead skin cells and dirt that accumulate over time from exposure to the environment and from touching your face (which we do on average of 3.6 times per hour!)
  2. To keep acne away, release clogged pores and prevent excess sebum production
  3. To prevent premature ageing due to polluted environment
  4. To freshen up and start your day with a radiant complexion


What face-wash type of guy are you?


Many guys start their day checking emails and sipping coffee before rushing out for work. Their face won’t see face wash nor moisturiser. Others will just rinse their face with water under the shower at home or in the gym. Some guys also use shampoo, body wash or dish soap to wash their face (yes, we have heard of guys using dish soap…). But none of these are appropriate for meeting the needs of your skin complexion.

Not washing your face will enhance clogged pores and chances of acne. The mix of sebum, sweat, and dead skin cells will cause a growing traffic jam in the follicle, which is prone to harvesting bacteria and causing inflammation. All of this will have a negative effect on your appearance.

Water, too, is insufficient for washing off product residues and dirt in general. Other products that are designed to wash your hair or body are simply not suitable for nourishing the much more delicate skin of your face. They often eradicate not just the dead skin cells but also attack those good cells that are needed to protect and regenerate your skin.

A lot of you believe after washing your face, the skin has to feel tight and dry, this is the biggest misconception. Make sure that your face never feels dry and tight but supple and fresh after using any product.

The 3 Steps of Washing Your Face Correctly


  1. Use room water temperature as cold water restricts blood circulation, while hot water dries out the skin.
  2. Apply suitable face wash and massage thoroughly in circular motion on the entire face, behind the ears, and the neck.
  3. Rinse off with plenty of room temperature water and leave face slightly damp before applying moisturiser.



Washing your face not only eradicates various antigens (tiny unwanted invaders), it also helps the pores to breathe. To seal the moisture within your skin it is vital to apply a suitable moisturiser onto your slightly damp face right after washing. We will tell you more about How to Moisturiser Your Skin in Vitruvian Man Journal Issue 2 (Aug).


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