You are probably familiar with the term hydration when it comes to your health and water intake. But what, exactly, is hydration for your skin? You might think hydration is something that only people with dry or dehydrated skin need to worry about. Did you know when you feel dry on your skin, you are already dehydrated. Hydrating your skin is just like hydrating your body- both need hydration to look and feel its best no matter your skin type.

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Hydrating your skin requires you to add water which will provide temporary plumpness, but lock-in that hydration, you need to follow up by applying a moisturiser. Moisturising prevents water loss and improves your skin’s texture and health. Not to mention that regularly moisturising skin can make it more resilient against challenges such as environmental stressors. But let’s go back to step one, which is hydration. How do you hydrate? Keep reading for the steps needed to keep your skin looking its best.


7 Simple Steps To Hydrate Your Skin


  1. Drink water!Image credit: Anastasia Shuraeva

The first step to hydrating your skin is hydrating your body. It is recommended you should consume at least half of your body weight in ounces of water every day. Your body may require more, depending on your daily activities as well.


  1. Use Hydrating Skincare Products

Water-based creams are recommended if you have dehydrated skin. Products that penetrate through your skin and deliver water are vital if you have dehydrated skin. An ingredient that provides longer-lasting hydration is Hyaluronic Acid. This ingredient plays a vital role in both hydrating your skin and maintaining its elasticity. Try our All Day Hydrator is the perfect product to start with because it contains Bio- Hyaluronic Acid. Our carrier oil is Meadow Seed, which is extremely moisturising and increases the water content of the skin’s top layers by drawing moisture from the surrounding air.


  1. Avoid Very Hot And Long ShowersImage credit: Sachith Hettigodage

We know that a hot shower is one of life’s simple pleasures, but as good as it feels, a hot shower can do more harm than good to your skin. It also sounds contradictory that being in the water for an extended period of time can dry you out, and bathing for a long period can eradicate your skin’s moisture barrier. These will result in loss of moisture content and necessary oils, which can dehydrate your skin. Try using lukewarm water to help maintain your skin’s hydration.


  1. Try using Face MasksImage credit: Safia Shakil

Face masks packed with hydrating ingredients. Incorporating a hydrating face mask into your daily skincare regimen will keep your skin plump and moist. It can also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. An added bonus? The 10-20 minutes you use a face mask is a great time to sit quietly and give yourself a break from the business of life.


  1. Use A HumidifierImage credit: Eva Elijas

A humidifier can be used when the moisture content in the air around you is low. It is beneficial during dry winter months because you are often moving from frigid outdoor temperatures to the indoors’ dry artificial heat. This alternating of air can strip skin of its natural oils, says Gary Goldenberg of Goldenberg Dermatology. He regularly recommends using humidifiers for patients suffering from eczema, psoriasis, and dry skin.


  1. Sunscreen Always

Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen to prevent UVA and UVB skin damage every time you step out in the day. Sun exposure can dehydrate your skin, causing it to lose moisture and break down its collagen and elastin, which are responsible for its strength and elasticity. The sun is famously known to create premature ageing on your skin.





  1. Eat Foods Rich In Water
    Image credit: Cottonbro via Pexels

Fruits and vegetables are not only hydrating but are beneficial for your skin in many other ways. Citrus-based fruits like oranges and lemons are packed with juice and are rich in Vitamin C, which is vital to maintain your skin’s texture. Foods rich in Vitamin A and B3 such as broccoli and salmon, are also essential to improve your overall skin health. The inside health of your body is strongly linked to the outside.

If you practice these 7 tips, you should be on your way to hydrates skin! For a full look at our Vitruvian Man Grooming products, click here.

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