Meet Anthony Lister, The Street Artist from Brisbane

Vitruvian Man exclusively teamed up with Australian artist Anthony Lister to design an unique piece. We talked to him about his artistic vision as a self-described “fact-maker”.

Born in Brisbane, living and working in Sydney, Anthony Lister has established himself as one of the region’s best-known street artists. Through a mix of spray paint, acrylics, and charcoal, Lister produces colourful gestures that merge the aesthetics of popular comics and high culture.

Studio Ruins 2018
© Anthony Lister



Lister’s interpretation of Vitruvian Man on our Anti-Pollution Cleanser & Toner package


Anthony Lister

Lister: “I have a problem with the word art and especially being titled an artist. I feel that these are buzz words where all sorts of slithering pseudo creative types can hide in its ambiguous aura. My preference leans more towards the literal, therefore I refer to myself as a painter.

For starters, the word art is far too short and (as far as I can decipher) is an abbreviation for the word artefacts, is this correct of me to assume? If this is so, then I find myself (in the context of contemporary language) making facts. This is where I begin to confuse myself and also feel a sense of overwhelming excitement and amusement because if the fact that if I am (for lack of a better word) in fact making art and the product of my function as a painter is factually unmistakably the literal manifestation of this thing we call art.

I come to the realisation that I am in essence a fact maker, which is quite an exciting realization for someone who has been called a dreamer of fantasy and imagination. I am unique and not quite domestic and therefore necessary. Facts are wonderful in theory. The theory is disastrous without action. Action speaks louder than words. They say a picture speaks a thousand words. This is a show about how I turned the word art into fact. This being the case I imagine being told by people “Hey, I like your fact” to which I will reply “thank you”.”


Lister’s Bio and current shows

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